Our teams provide extensive technical support for deploying and maintaining multi-platform interactive systems. This includes support for specific platforms including RDK, EBIF, and VOD monitoring, as well as support for custom apps and solutions we create.

What are some examples of itaas support?

In some cases, itaas, a Cognizant Company will assume the support role for 3rd party developers for our customers. One example of this is the itaas support of the Comcast RDK. The company maintains the Support Wiki and processes minimizing the need for input from valuable internal resources of our customers. Our EBIF support teams also provide support for software deployed across millions of set top boxes.

itaas, a Cognizant Company offers support to customers who wish to provide development tools to 3rd party companies. This includes both direct support for the platform and the support and distribution of development tools. The company handles all the legal document processing, administration, shipping and support. We often provides testing services for developers to augment the development efforts as well.

What benefits can itaas, a Cognizant Company offer you?

These support solutions are designed to reduce operational costs, speed platform acceptance and to allow strategic focus of your internal resources.

Our flexible suite of support services are designed to assist you in effectively managing your development initiatives while controlling your operational costs. Our experienced support personnel will ensure that your development and maintenance issues are resolved quickly. You can also depend on itaas, a Cognizant Company for ongoing enhancements, support, and maintenance as well as legacy platform and 3rd party developer support programs.