Though itaas, a Cognizant Company is primarily a customer services company, in some cases we have developed or license solutions that appeal to multiple customers with similar needs. In some cases these are “drop in” solutions, but in many instances, itaas provides services to modify these offerings to provide the best fit with varying customer requirements, systems and architectures.

Our current solutions include our VOD monitoring package (ECS) and the TVWorks EBIF platform.

VOD Monitoring

Our Event Collection System (ECS) provides real-time monitoring of VOD sessions for cable operators. ECS allows quick diagnosis across the VOD network and facilitates prompt resolution of issues. The tool works on both ARRIS and Cisco systems and can be customized to provide specific functions and reports. ECS allows improved customer satisfactions of the VOD experience increasing usage and revenue.

TVWorks Licensing

The company licenses the EBIF and tru2way platform developed by TVWorks to cable operators. This user agent is already deployed in more than 15 million homes on ARRIS set-top boxes. We also install the platform and provide support for deployment and launch across many of the top MSOs.


The RDK Hardware Development Platform (or HDP) is the approved development environment for RDK licensees. The HDP consists of three parts:

  1. The Hardware – A Hybrid-QAM/IP box that allows users to develop and test RDK components and applications.
  2. The RDK – An integrated, royalty-free bundled distribution of shared-source components.
  3. The Standalone App – An HTML application that is capable of playing live video, recording programs, and displaying diagnostics of the box. The live video and recorded content can be streamed to client boxes on demand.

It is a simple, low-cost design that eliminates the need for a headend and the requirement to provision the box. With the HDP, developers can create new software and test applications without the need for extensive hardware. This solution was created to help speed the development and testing process, but is also a great way to show new solutions to customers in remote locations or at trade shows.