Our development teams build custom software solutions that seamlessly integrate components of the technology you already use. This includes integrating software and hardware or creating applications that fit your specific needs and roadmap. Our engineers will assess your interactive and digital video requirements and provide custom solutions from concept to completion. This includes architecture, system design, software development, integration, and testing.

Why do customers depend on itaas?

Customers depend on itaas to provide multi-platform expertise for their client, firmware, and server components. More importantly, they depend on us to seamlessly integrate these components. This includes the development and enhancement of RDK system components, VOD components, guide development, interactive platform development and software porting, application creation and more.

What benefits can itaas offer you?

Our experts understand the complex digital infrastructure and its challenges. Our innovative custom solutions provide a way to achieve your operational goals and technology objectives without relying on “off-the-shelf” products that are not a perfect fit. Plus, with a custom solution, you determine the roadmap for future changes and enhancements!

With itaas, you get:

  • A solution designed specifically for you and your system
  • A development road map determined by you
  • A time-to-market and enhancement schedule controlled by you