tru2way is a technology platform that enables cable companies, network programmers, consumer electronics companies and others to extend interactivity to television.

tru2way technology, formerly known as the OpenCable™ Application Platform (OCAP™), allows digital TVs and other devices to connect to cable without requiring a set-top box. Once the software (technically categorized as middleware) is inside, it can be used to offer all sorts of new, interactive programming options.

We provide Service Providers with TVWorks tru2way platform license, installation and deployment support. We have successfully deployed the TVWorks platform in labs and live environments.

Our application development team prototype, develop and test tru2way applications for a variety of customers. As a white label developer, itaas cannot always disclose the details of the applications that we developed. But, these range from simple applications such as photo albums, and caller-id, to complex applications such as social networking.