Enhanced Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) is a set of specifications on how to write simple software applications that will provide interactivity on most set-top boxes that are already deployed.

Interactive applications that adhere to the EBIF standard can be delivered to the end consumer via any set-top box with an EBIF user agent. An EBIF user agent (similar to a web browser residing on an Operating System) translates these EBIF commands into displays and features on the TV via the set-top box.

According to industry reports, more than 25 million set-top boxes have the capability to run EBIF applications, and several EBIF applications are already deployed in Service Provider systems. itaas has developed and tested a variety of applications and software on cable systems across the US. These applications include caller-id, request for information (RFI), marketing/upsell and guide development/enhancement and more.

We provide Service Providers with TVWorks EBIF platform licenses, installation and deployment support, and have successfully launched the EBIF platform in several Service Provider labs and live environments.