Programmers want to deliver their video programming to all devices – TVs, computers, smartphones, and tablets. They face the challenge of having the technical expertise and resources to develop innovative digital video delivery quickly and reliably.

itaas, a Cognizant Company, has the capability and proven experience to meet any challenge to deliver digital video to multiple screens over multiple platforms.

We develop customized solutions that meet the technical requirements as well the business goals. In the competitive landscape facing programmers, they must provide solutions that generate revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and provide competitive parity. We can help!

What can we do for Programmers?


Our development team works with technologies such as HTML5 and IP video for over-the-top (OTT) solutions, current platforms such as RDK, iOS and Android as well legacy platform support. Our services include app development, server development, guide enhancements, and platform development/extension. We will assess your needs and provide solutions from concept to completion.


Our testing services include both test tools, such as VOD and SDV session simulators, emulators and testing and certification of set-tops, DTA devices and RDK applications. We can also provide testing for SoC vendors building for the RDK platform. Our testing lab will provide infrastructure, both Cisco and ARRIS, and experts to ensure a fast and effective defect-free solution, prior to deployment.


Our support service offerings include legacy system support and RDK platform support. Our experienced support personnel will ensure that your issues are resolved quickly so that your valuable internal resources can focus on your core business. Additionally, our support services team will provide an optimal path to fulfill your deployment needs both regionally and nationally. Selected by RDK Management, LLC, itaas, a Cognizant Company, oversees the technical support and training for RDK licensees through the company’s development, integration, testing expertise, and multiple labs. Our responsibility is to deliver well-defined onboarding and support functions for RDK licensees in order to build a confident and competent RDK developer community.


Our packages are designed to meet your business needs and assist you in effectively managing your digital video delivery initiatives. Our solutions include suites of applications to jump-start your video initiatives and live streaming video solutions to extend your video offerings to mobile devices.