Tech Support

To take advantage of itaas Technical Support, you must register with the itaas Help Desk. Once registered and approved, you may submit your questions and concerns to the itaas Help Desk, and an itaas representative will contact you shortly. If you have not done so already, you may register for a technical support login by clicking the green button above.

Remote Headend

itaas has an economical, easy way to develop and test your cable applications. Using a virtual remote hub, headends are available for developing and testing applications in real time, under real world conditions. It is accessible from anywhere, anytime via a high-speed data connection for a monthly access charge. By tapping into our service, you can reduce your lab, equipment and maintenance expenses.


To take advantage of the istart program, developers have to register with the itaas istart program. Once registered and approved by the technology vendor, the developer will be provided with the tools and support required to develop and test the applications. These tools include, SDK, client API, set-top boxes, and back end API. Select one of the following to login: